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Employee’s car insurance as Lowe’s

What does the Lowe’s employee get when he or she gets a Home Depot promotion or has been promoted to a new job? It’s a new car. Not a used car. A brand-new one. And Home Depot doesn’t even consider that employee’s car insurance.

According to the Georgia Department of Labor, about three out of four Home Depot employees are women. About three out of four Lowe’s employees are men. Yet according to a 2010 Newsweek article, in a survey of Home Depot employees, 68 percent of those asked said they had been hurt on the job and 60 percent said they had been injured at work. The average working day at Home Depot lasts just 6.6 hours and, as the article says, “During work hours, their average output of goods is five million.”

I don’t see any statistics for Lowe’s, so I’m going to assume that the injuries and lost time that my interview subjects reported for Home Depot would be similar. And if they are, I imagine that Home Depot, too, has one of the nation’s largest personal injury insurance reserves.

I don’t have a clue whether the Home Depot injuries my interview subjects experienced are more serious than the Lowe’s injuries. But since an injury is an injury, I would think that the Home Depot injuries would be far more serious. And since a permanent injury in a Home Depot is as damaging as a permanent injury in a Lowe’s, I would think that the home-improvement retailer would see more claims.

The Home Depot and Lowe’s compensation schemes for injuries are remarkably similar.

Both Home Depot and Lowe’s provide $1,000 “life insurance” to their employees. They also provide each employee with a $5,000 accident-proofing policy for his or her personal property. So, does Lowe’s give member car insurance ( see also The basic liability insurance offered by Home Depot and Lowe’s covers the employee for injury and property damage caused by the employee’s own negligence, not anything a customer or other employee does to the employee’s property or to the employee’s own body.

If a Lowe’s employee gets hurt on the job and suffers a serious injury, Lowe’s will pay that person for at least six months of workers’ compensation benefits (usually for $3,000 a month). And if Lowe’s employees get injured on the job, they are not covered under either their own personal or their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance for any property damage caused by the accident.

From my perspective, any large employer that does not provide its workers with comprehensive personal auto and property insurance is a huge mistake. My thinking, obviously, is influenced by my own experiences. But my thinking is also influenced by what I’ve read in the media. And what has gotten all the attention is a recent incident at a Lowe’s hardware store in Campbellsville, Ky.

An employee working at a Lowe’s store picked up a five-gallon can of paint thinner and put it inside a plastic bag to take home. Apparently not realizing what the chemical was, he brought the can inside the store. At some point the employee lit the can of paint thinner on a nearby propane stove, apparently not realizing it was a flammable product. The can of paint thinner exploded, injuring the employee, causing $125,000 in damage to the store and $225,000 to the store’s contents, and putting the employee in intensive care for eight days. Oh, and he’s not insured.

One can, of course, debate whether what happened to that Lowe’s employee was his or her fault, whether Lowe’s or the employee should be legally responsible for the explosion. But for a moment let’s set aside those arguments and assume the best of both parties.

First, the best of the employee, that he’ll get better care for his injury from his own doctors and hospitals. Second, the best of Lowe’s, that it won’t suffer any financial loss because of the accident. Third, the best of both parties, that they can recover some of their losses by collecting money from the other.

And if that’s not a two-fer that’s the two-eights-of-a-point deal, I don’t know what is.

Third-party liability

See California Vehicle Code Section 65450 (bodily injury caused by leaving a child under age 7 unattended “to defecate in the open,” removal of clothing, or immersion). Potential pitfalls: Any third-party liability has to be proven, so it is unlikely that the Department of Industrial Relations could choose to not look into claims that are filed. Indeed, the risk of being sued may be enough to discourage a restaurant from affording its workers a space that could be used to smoke a cigarette.

Defendant was the named party. Defendant had a duty to reasonably provide, and Defendant breached the duty, causing plaintiff’s harm,” plaintiffs’ attorney Shawn Varga wrote in an email to 10News. “Specifically, through a stop sign and stop light failure. Defendant’s duty as a public entity included its duty to ensure public safety.” The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and more than $1 million in damages.

Now that you know what those words mean, I think you can understand why insurers only insure property owners. In fact, owners and even renters may be eligible for insurance coverage for “loss of use” of their property in the event of a fire or similar disaster. The insurance commissioner must accept for review only two bills for loss of use for residential property. The third-party liability insurance requirement does not apply to most residential property insurance policies.

Third-party liability can be found in many instances, including carelessness, negligence, excess of care and incompetence, or discrimination or harassment based on a person’s sex, sexual orientation, race, age, religion, etc. In the past, corporations and insurance companies often have held the role of “third-party.” These companies have taken a strong interest in pursuing legal cases against individuals and entities.

In the case of building contractors or property developers, it may apply to builders, material suppliers, surveyors, engineers or any other associated personnel. This clause effectively means that a property owner, property manager or building contractor could be held liable for the actions of third parties that play a role in damage claims like customers or tenants who are not bonded. This also means that if your tenant is responsible for starting a fire, damaging property, or killing someone, you could still be liable for the consequences.

According to the law, a person may still be liable for “bodily injury” even if he/she did not cause it. In addition, liability may be determined on two levels: bodily injury and civil liability. While the first is a matter of the plaintiff’s state of mind, the latter is determined by the plaintiff’s state of health, and depending on that, how much and for whom he/she will be held responsible for the incident.

The owner or operator of the vehicle is responsible for what happens to the vehicle. That means you should be held responsible for any damages caused by anyone else, even if you didn’t cause the accident. You could be held responsible even if you didn’t think you were. For example, if someone hits your car, and doesn’t even know they hit your car, you could be liable for any damages. You could also be held liable for property damage, if you don’t do what you could have done.

Taylor Lautner Workout Routine

(Photo credit: Live & Let Die)

Taylor Lautner Workout Routine

Taylor Lautner would most likely be the first to admit that he is a naturally skinny guy – but that became a problem when he had to start filming for the second Twilight film, New Moon. His character develops into a strong and powerful werewolf, which meant he needed to gain 30 pounds of muscle and gain it in a year.
Taylor Lautner's trainer, Jordan Yuam believes “inexperience works to your advantage” and “The less muscle you have, the easier it is to gain muscle mass more quickly.”
Yaum also believes that you need to “maximize your genetic potentials” and “There's no reason you can't gain pounds of muscle in a year.”
So without further ado, let's go through the Taylor Lautner Workout Routine

In order to get strong and big, you need to push your body through it's limits. Make your body taste heavier weights. Lifting heavy weights activates more muscle fibres which leads to larger muscle growth. “That's why I had Taylor ‘taste' a much heavier weight,” says Yuam.

Mix the Weight Up

To achieve a balanced look to your body, you need to make sure that you don't focus purely on heavy weights. Mix it up a litte with some lighter weights and vary your reps. “If you want a balance body, you have to do that,” says Yuam.

Make Sure Your Muscles Are Always Working

When lifting weights, you will find that some parts of the list was easier than others, this means your muscles are not being worked consistently. To stop this, Lautner often attached a giant rubber band to the bar or dumbell he was about to lift. “The bands create more tension, making the lift harder and forcing your muscles to peak out at the top of the movement,” Yuam says. This means your muscles are working harder and this accelerates growth. Chill Out on Cardio When merged with weight training, cardio can reduce your strength and limit your muscles growth potential. “I was exercising so hard that I began to lose weight,” says Lautner. So be careful with the amount of cardio you do. “If you're trying to gain lean mass, focus on weight-lifting with the proper technique and the right plan,” Yuam says.

Leave Your Abs Alone

“A lot of guys hit their abs every time they hit the gym,” says Yuam. “That's why so few of them have six-packs.” Taylor Lautner only works his abs 3 days a week. “The result is a balanced, more detailed musculature,” says Yuam

Have a break

Never over train. You need to allow your body to rest and recover, this allows your muscle to grow. “If you constantly pound your muscle, they'll never have time to repair.”

This has been the Taylor Lautner Workout Routine
I hope you have gained some valuable information from this.

Lee Haney Workout Routine

Lee Haney Workout

– Mr.Olympia Lee Haney Workout

Lee Haney is a former American IFBB professional bodybuilder most famous for being the current joint record holder, along with Ronnie Coleman, for winning the most Mr. Olympia titles (eight times from 1984 to 1991).
Lee Haney Workout

One Haney's most famous quotes is that we should “train to stimulate, not annihilate”.

Height: 5′ 11″ / 180 cm.
Off Season Weight: 260 lbs / 118 kg.
Competition Weight: 245 lbs / 111 kg.

Bodybuilding titles
1979 Teen Mr. America
1979 Teen Mr. America Tall, 1st
1982 Junior Nationals Heavyweight & Overall, 1st
1982 Nationals Heavyweight & Overall, 1st
1982 World Amateur Championships Heavyweight, 1st
1983 Grand Prix England, 2nd
1983 Grand Prix Las Vegas, 1st
1983 Grand Prix Sweden, 2nd
1983 Grand Prix Switzerland, 3rd
1983 Night of Champions, 1st
1983 Mr. Olympia, 3rd
1983 World Pro Championships, 3rd
1984 Mr. Olympia, 1st
1985 Mr. Olympia, 1st
1986 Mr. Olympia, 1st
1987 Mr. Olympia, 1st
1987 Grand Prix Germany (II), 1st
1988 Mr. Olympia, 1st
1989 Mr. Olympia, 1st
1990 Mr. Olympia, 1st
1991 Mr. Olympia, 1st

The Lee Haney workout is a combination of two weight lighting routines. You can use one routine for 4-6 weeks and then move on to the next one.


Day 1 Chest:
• Bench press (barbell) 4 setsx6-8reps
• Flat bench dumbbell press 3 setsx8-10reps
• Incline barbell press 4 setsx6-8reps
• Incline dumbbell press 3setsx8-10reps Biceps: Barbell curls 4 setsx6-8reps
• Preacher curls 4 setsx8-10reps
• Triceps: Press downs 4setsx10-12reps
• Lying French press 4setsx 6-8reps

Day 2 Legs:
• Extensions 4 setsx12-15reps
• Leg Press: 4 setsx10-12 reps (every 3 rd leg workout)
• Squats: 4-5 setsx8-10reps
• Hamstring curls 4setsx8-10reps
• Stiff leg deadlifts: 3-4 sets 8-10reps (every 3 rd workout)

Day 3 Back:
• pull downs (front) 4setsx8-10reps
• Bent barbell rows 4 setsx6-8reps or T-bar rows
• Long cable rows 4setsx8-10reps
• Shoulders: Military press (standing) 4-5setsx6-8reps
• Lateral raises 4 setsx8-10reps
• Upright rows 4 setsx6-8reps

Day 4 Off
Note: Abdominal and calves are to be train on each workout day.

• Vertical leg raise 4setsx15-20reps
• Incline sit ups 4setsx15-20reps
• Seated leg raise 4setsx15-20reps

Calves: (Calve training must be performed using heavy weight)
• Standing toe raises or donkey machine toe raise 6setsx15-20reps
• Seated toe raise 3-4 setsx15-20reps

The next Three on off one program is design for the 2 nd Three on off one training section. This workout entails more quality movements. Which will bring out more muscle separation. So lets get started.


Day 1 Chest:
• Bench press (barbell) 4-5setsx6-8reps
• Incline barbell bench press 4sets 8-10reps
• Lying dumbbell fly's 4setsx 10reps
• Dips 3-4setsx 12-15reps
• Cable crossovers 3-4setsx12-15reps (every other workout using this routine)
• Biceps: Barbell or dumbbell curls 4-5setsx6-8reps
• Incline dumbbell curls (seated) 4setsx8-10reps
• Concentration dumbbell curls 4setsx8-10reps
• Triceps: Press downs 4setsx12-15reps
• One arm dumbbell extension 4setsx8-10reps
• Reverse one-arm cable extensions 3-4setsx10-12reps

Day 2 Legs:
• Extensions 4-5setsx12-15reps
• Leg press 4setsx10-12reps
• Squats 4-5setsx8-10reps
• Leg curl 4setsx8-10reps
• Stiff leg deadlift 3-4setsx6-8reps (every other workout using this routine)

Day 3 Back:
• Pull downs 4setsx10-12reps or wide grip pull-ups 4setsx6-8reps
• Bent barbell row 4setsx8-10reps or T-bar row 4setsx6-8reps
• Long cable rows 4setsx8-10reps
• One arm dumbbell row 4setsx8-10reps

Day 4 Off

Repeat abdominal and calve routines as shown on the previous Three on One off work out program.

Franco Columbu Workout – The Mr. Olympian Franco Columbu Workout

Franco Columbu Workout

Franco Columbu is an Italian actor, former champion bodybuilder and World's strongest man competitor.

Starting out his athletic career as a boxer, Columbu progressed into the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, powerlifting and later bodybuilding, winning the title of Mr. Olympian in 1976 and 1981.

Franco Columbo Workout

Franco Columbu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m) in height (some magazines reported as short as 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m), Columbu is shorter than most of his bodybuilding competitors, but that did not prevent him from achieving widespread success.

In 1977, Columbu competed in the first World's Strongest Man competition and was in first place in total points during the competition; a remarkable outing, considering that Franco weighed much less than all his competitors.Then came the refrigerator race, which called for a downhill race in which a heavy, bulky, unwieldy refrigerator is strapped to the racer's back. While ahead, Franco stumbled, and was shown on national television collapsing with a grotesquely dislocated leg. This ended his participation in the World's Strongest Man contest (in the end, he finished in fifth place). After a court settlement, he received a reported $1 million in compensation for his injury. It took six hours of surgery to remove all the muscle and fix his leg. Doctors told him he would never walk again, but Columbu fully recovered in three years. After Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback victory in the 1980 Mr. Olympia, Franco followed suit and won the 1981 Mr. Olympia.

Columbu is a long time friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he met in Munich in 1965 and against whom he competed in several
English: Arnold Schwarzenegger in July 2003
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

international-level bodybuilding competitions. For the Mr. Olympia competitions however, he competed in the under 200 lb (90.7 kg) category, whereas Schwarzenegger was in the over 200 lb category. The final champion was determined by a pose down between the two class winners. The IFBB has since abandoned weight classes. Arnold and Franco were inseparable during the early to mid-1970s and were training partners. Columbu served as the best man at the wedding of Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver in 1986. Columbu and Schwarzenegger had been encouraged to come to America by bodybuilding guru Joe Weider in 1969; Weider sponsored them with an $80/week stipend and the two European bodybuilders began a bricklaying and patio business called European Brick Works in 1969, according to a report in The New York Times.

From the time he arrived in America in 1969, Franco Columbu was considered one of the world's strongest men. He held a number of powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting world records. He also performed a strongman act in which he routinely blew up a hot water bottle by inflating it orally, lifted vehicles on stage (while someone else was changing a tire) and deadlifted over 700 lbs for repetitions. He designed a comprehensive workout for men in 1988 to flatten the stomach, narrow the waist, and eliminate love handles. He is both a chiropractor and a weightlifter and his career parallels that of American weightlifting champion Karyn Marshall, who has used chiropractic therapy to train for competitions and who became a chiropractor herself.

“Train each bodypart twice a week, as hard and relentless as possible each time. Every second week, I'd deadlift after my leg routine. My deadlift workout was 300 for five reps, 400 for five reps, 500 for five reps, 600 for two or three reps, 650 for one rep and 700 for one rep.”

Franco Columbu's 14 Day Training Split


1 Chest, shoulders Arms
2 Back Legs
3 Chest, shoulders
4 Arms
5 Legs Back
6 Chest, shoulders
7 Rest
8 Arms Legs
9 Back
10 Chest, shoulders Arms
11 Back Legs
12 Chest, shoulders
13 Arms
14 Rest

NOTE: Columbu trained abs in the morning on days 3, 5, 6, 9, 11 and 12, and in the afternoon on day 1.

Here is Franco Columbu's workout leading up to his 1981 Mr. Olympia WIN:

Barbell bench presses 3 * 15, 10, 4
superset with Cable crossovers 3 * 20
Flat-bench dumbbell flyes 3 * 20, 15, 6
superset with Cable crossovers 3 * 20
Barbell incline presses 3 [dagger] 15
Barbell pullovers 3 [dagger] 15
Parallel-bar dips 3 [dagger] To failure
Cable crossovers 3 [dagger] 25

* For the first two supersets, Columbu pyramided up in weight (and down
in reps) for bench presses and flyes, but he kept the weight the same
for cable crossovers.

Standing dumbbell lateral raises 4 10
Bent lateral raises 6 10
Behind-the-neck presses 4 10
Alternating dumbbell front raises 3 8
Cable lateral raises 3 10

Wide-grip pullups 6 10-15
T-bar rows 4 10
Seated cable rows 4 10
One-arm dumbbell rows 3 10
superset with Hammer-grip pullups * 3 10

* Use a parallel-grip cable attachment hanging from a pullup bar.

Cable pushdowns 4 8
superset with Standing dumbbell curls 4 8
Lying barbell triceps extensions 4 8
superset with Barbell preacher curls 4 8
Seated barbell extensions 4 8
superset with Dumbbell incline curls 4 8

Barbell squats 7 20, 15, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
Leg presses 4 50, 25, 15, 8
Leg extensions 6-7 20
Barbell lunges * 2-3 12-15
Deadlifts [dagger] 6 5, 5, 5, 3, 1, 1

* Performed every other workout precontest

Sylvester Stallone Workout

Sylvester Stallone Workout Routine & Diet Plan


From Rambo to his latest role in The Expendables, Sylvester Stallone has always been in fantastic shape. Sly is in his 60′s and looks better than most 20 year olds.

Sylvester Stallone is one of Hollywoods greatest ever action stars because of these action films he has always had to keep his body in check and in shape but not only that but he would have to change his body shape and look depending on the film he was staring in. For instance, in the Rocky film he had to have a lean body like a boxers, whereas in the Rambo films he has to be lean and ripped like an ex-war vet and also in the expendables he put on a lot of size because he had to play this big tough guy who was physically dominating.

For his role in Victory, Stallone had to endure a hardcore diet of 200 calories of pretein per day. He would also eat a baked potato to avoid fainting. With this he got down to 159lbs!

For Rocky lll, Stallone lost even more weight by eating 10 egg whites, a piece of toast, and an occasional piece of fruit each day. This took him down to 155lbs. When he reached this lean weight target he focused on building pure muscle mass until he reached 175lbs.


When Stallone was trying to get his weight down to 155lbs, he workouts were intense to say the least. He would start his day by going on a 2 mile run, followed by 18 rounds of sparring and accompanied with 2 hours of weight lifting and jump rope. And to top it all off, he would go for another run in the evening.

Sylvester Stallone Workout

As you could imagine Sylvester Stallone's workout for the Rocky and Rambo movies in insanely intense. He infact put on 10lbs of muscle in only 6 week thanks to a lot of hard work.

His weight catapulted from 170lbs ro 180lbs, his chest went from 44 inches to 50 inches, his biceps went from 16.5 inches to 18 inches and his waiste was able to only gain 0.5inches, going from 29 inches to 29.5 inches.

Incredibly, whilst filming, Stallone gets his body fat percentage all the way down to 4.5%. When he's not filming he normally hits about 6%.

Here is the Sylvester Stallone Workout:


Chest Bench Press, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Back Pull Downs, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Abs Crunches, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps

Shoulders Military Press, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Shoulders Lateral Raises, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Arms Curls, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Abs Crunches, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Abs Leg Raises, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps


Calves Calf Raises, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Thighs Squats, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps

Rear Deltoids Bent Over Row, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Rear Deltoids Shoulder Press, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Traps Upright Rows, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps
Abs Crunches, 3-4 sets, 8-12 reps

Jared Padalecki Workout

Jared Padalecki Workout Routine

Jared Padalecki was a famous skinny kid in the U.S show Gilmore Girls. But Since he began his role in supernatural Jared has definitely done some bulking up. So here's the Jared Padalecki workout:

The show supernatural is about two brothers Sam (Jared) and Dean (Jensen) that drive around the country fighting and killing evil monsters and there is a lot of physically tough scenes involved so the cast has to be in good condition.

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 17: Actor Jared Padalecki attends The CW Network's New York 2012 Upfront at New York City Center on May 17, 2012 in New York City. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Unfortunately Jared keeps his training regime on the down-low but he does admit that after a 4 inch growth spurt, he had to put some muscle on.

“Suddenly I really needed to add muscle mass,” says Padalecki, who packed on 35 pounds of muscle while staying lean.

Padalecki also credits the help of two-time world bench-press champion, Scot Mendelson who pulls Padalecki through short but intense workout and also gets him to snack on 600-calorie protein shakes.

Mendelson believes that “The heavier weights you use, the more muscle fibers you'll activate, leading to greater growth,”.

  • Jared Padalecki`s favorite food is cheeseburger with mustard lettuce and tomato.
  • Jared Padalecki`s favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough and he is lactose intolerant, but still eats these dairy products like the Cold Stone ice cream. Jared says it`s worth the tummy ache.

So Unfortunately for us, that all we know about the Jared Padalecki workout. But take from it what you will.

Before you go, be sure to check out this video of Jared playing his character Sam in Supernatural. This is an outtake from the latest season, season 7. Jared is showing his fitness freak side!

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