Lee Haney Workout

Mr.Olympia Lee Haney Workout

Lee Haney is a former American IFBB professional bodybuilder most famous for being the current joint record holder, along with Ronnie Coleman, for winning the most Mr. Olympia titles (eight times from 1984 to 1991).

One Haney’s most famous quotes is that we should “train to stimulate, not annihilate”.


Height: 5′ 11″ / 180 cm.

Off Season Weight: 260 lbs / 118 kg.

Competition Weight: 245 lbs / 111 kg.

Bodybuilding titles

1979 Teen Mr. America

1979 Teen Mr. America Tall, 1st

1982 Junior Nationals Heavyweight & Overall, 1st

1982 Nationals Heavyweight & Overall, 1st

1982 World Amateur Championships Heavyweight, 1st

1983 Grand Prix England, 2nd

1983 Grand Prix Las Vegas, 1st

1983 Grand Prix Sweden, 2nd

1983 Grand Prix Switzerland, 3rd

1983 Night of Champions, 1st

1983 Mr. Olympia, 3rd

1983 World Pro Championships, 3rd

1984 Mr. Olympia, 1st

1985 Mr. Olympia, 1st

1986 Mr. Olympia, 1st

1987 Mr. Olympia, 1st

1987 Grand Prix Germany (II), 1st

1988 Mr. Olympia, 1st

1989 Mr. Olympia, 1st

1990 Mr. Olympia, 1st

1991 Mr. Olympia, 1st

The Lee Haney workout is a combination of two weight lighting routines. You can use one routine for 4-6 weeks and then move on to the next one.


Day 1 Chest:

• Bench press (barbell) 4 setsx6-8reps

• Flat bench dumbbell press 3 setsx8-10reps

• Incline barbell press 4 setsx6-8reps

• Incline dumbbell press 3setsx8-10reps Biceps: Barbell curls 4 setsx6-8reps

• Preacher curls 4 setsx8-10reps

• Triceps: Press downs 4setsx10-12reps

• Lying French press 4setsx 6-8reps

Day 2 Legs:

• Extensions 4 setsx12-15reps

• Leg Press: 4 setsx10-12 reps (every 3 rd leg workout)

• Squats: 4-5 setsx8-10reps

• Hamstring curls 4setsx8-10reps

• Stiff leg deadlifts: 3-4 sets 8-10reps (every 3 rd workout)

Day 3 Back:

• pull downs (front) 4setsx8-10reps

• Bent barbell rows 4 setsx6-8reps or T-bar rows

• Long cable rows 4setsx8-10reps

• Shoulders: Military press (standing) 4-5setsx6-8reps

• Lateral raises 4 setsx8-10reps

• Upright rows 4 setsx6-8reps

Day 4 Off

Note: Abdominal and calves are to be train on each workout day.


• Vertical leg raise 4setsx15-20reps

• Incline sit ups 4setsx15-20reps

• Seated leg raise 4setsx15-20reps

Calves: (Calve training must be performed using heavy weight)

• Standing toe raises or donkey machine toe raise 6setsx15-20reps

• Seated toe raise 3-4 setsx15-20reps

The next Three on off one program is design for the 2 nd Three on off one training section. This workout entails more quality movements. Which will bring out more muscle separation. So lets get started.


Day 1 Chest:

• Bench press (barbell) 4-5setsx6-8reps

• Incline barbell bench press 4sets 8-10reps

• Lying dumbbell fly’s 4setsx 10reps

• Dips 3-4setsx 12-15reps

• Cable crossovers 3-4setsx12-15reps (every other workout using this routine)

• Biceps: Barbell or dumbbell curls 4-5setsx6-8reps

• Incline dumbbell curls (seated) 4setsx8-10reps

• Concentration dumbbell curls 4setsx8-10reps

• Triceps: Press downs 4setsx12-15reps

• One arm dumbbell extension 4setsx8-10reps

• Reverse one-arm cable extensions 3-4setsx10-12reps

Day 2 Legs:

• Extensions 4-5setsx12-15reps

• Leg press 4setsx10-12reps

• Squats 4-5setsx8-10reps

• Leg curl 4setsx8-10reps

• Stiff leg deadlift 3-4setsx6-8reps (every other workout using this routine)

Day 3 Back:

• Pull downs 4setsx10-12reps or wide grip pull-ups 4setsx6-8reps

• Bent barbell row 4setsx8-10reps or T-bar row 4setsx6-8reps

• Long cable rows 4setsx8-10reps

• One arm dumbbell row 4setsx8-10reps

Day 4 Off

Repeat abdominal and calve routines as shown on the previous Three on One off work out program.