Should You Increase the Weight Every Set?

This is an interesting topic. We get a lot of people asking us if you should increase the weight of your lift every set?

Well, the thing is, it’s all down to preference and what helps you achieve the very best workout and the very best results.

There are three ways of lifting. There’s:

Pyramiding up
Pyramiding down
Constant weight

Now the thing to realize is that, none of these are any better than the other, it’s purely down to what you feel more comfortable with.

You see, most likely when you either Pyramid up or down your weight is going to fluctuate with the reps. For example, if you increase your weight, you might look to do less reps. Whereas if you pick a constant weight, you will find yourself pretty much doing the same reps every set.

So really, all you got to do is pick one that you feel most comfortable with, that’s all!