Taylor Lautner Workout Routine

Taylor Lautner Workout Routine

Taylor Lautner would most likely be the first to admit that he is a naturally skinny guy – but that became a problem when he had to start filming for the second Twilight film, New Moon. His character develops into a strong and powerful werewolf, which meant he needed to gain 30 pounds of muscle and gain it in a year.
Taylor Lautner’s trainer, Jordan Yuam believes “inexperience works to your advantage” and “The less muscle you have, the easier it is to gain muscle mass more quickly.”

Yaum also believes that you need to “maximize your genetic potentials” and “There’s no reason you can’t gain pounds of muscle in a year.”

So without further ado, let’s go through the Taylor Lautner Workout Routine…

In order to get strong and big, you need to push your body through it’s limits. Make your body taste heavier weights. Lifting heavy weights activates more muscle fibers which leads to larger muscle growth. “That’s why I had Taylor ‘taste’ a much heavier weight,” says Yuam.

Mix the Weight Up

To achieve a balanced look to your body, you need to make sure that you don’t focus purely on heavy weights. Mix it up a little with some lighter weights and vary your reps. “If you want a balance body, you have to do that,” says Yuam.

Make Sure Your Muscles Are Always Working

When lifting weights, you will find that some parts of the list was easier than others, this means your muscles are not being worked consistently. To stop this, Lautner often attached a giant rubber band to the bar or dumbell he was about to lift. “The bands create more tension, making the lift harder and forcing your muscles to peak out at the top of the movement,” Yuam says. This means your muscles are working harder and this accelerates growth. Chill Out on Cardio When merged with weight training, cardio can reduce your strength and limit your muscles growth potential. “I was exercising so hard that I began to lose weight,” says Lautner. So be careful with the amount of cardio you do. “If you’re trying to gain lean mass, focus on weight-lifting with the proper technique and the right plan,” Yuam says.

Leave Your Abs Alone

“A lot of guys hit their abs every time they hit the gym,” says Yuam. “That’s why so few of them have six-packs.” Taylor Lautner only works his abs 3 days a week. “The result is a balanced, more detailed musculature,” says Yuam

Have a break

Never over train. You need to allow your body to rest and recover, this allows your muscle to grow. “If you constantly pound your muscle, they’ll never have time to repair.”