True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Workout

Joe Manganiello Workout

Joe Manganiello who plays the role of werewolf, Alvide Herveaux in HBO’s True Blood realized he had some work to do when he auditioned for the role in the hit show.

“When I read the books True Blood was based on, I saw that Herveaux has biceps the size of boulders. Then I learned that wolves can run 50 miles at a time,” the 35 year old admitted.

That’s when he called on the Ron Matthews, famous Hollywood trainer who also trained the likes of Hugh Jackman for Wolverine.

Matthews admitted that lowering Manganiello’s body fat was the prime focus after realizing that the actor was already pretty physically fit.

“I was constantly mistaken for a professional football player” Manganiello shares.
Manganiello dropped 15 pounds and lowered his body fat from 18% to 8% thanks to the new low-weight, high rep, cardio intensive workout program given to him by Ron Matthews.

“The idea wasn’t only to make look a certain way but to move a certain way,” says Manganiello.

“I needed a sinewy, animalistic look, so we carved down my body.” Manganiello admits.

Here is the Joe Manganiello workout:

Manganiello workouts in both the morning and the afternoon, six times a week. In the morning he starts his day with cardio on an empty stomach. His cardio is low intensity in order to burn fat and keep muscle mass. The evenings are his weights session.

Monday am: Elliptical pm: Legs, Chest

Tuesday am: Interval Sprinting pm: Back, Triceps

Wednesday am: Elliptical pm: Shoulders Biceps

Thursday am: Interval Sprinting pm: Legs, Chest

Friday am:Ellipitcal pm: Back, Triceps

Saturday am: Interbal Sprinting pm: Shoulders, Biceps

Sunday Rest