What to Eat For Muscle Growth

If you’re learning how to bodybuild and your main aim is to build massive amounts of muscle, I am sure you want to know what to eat for muscle growth, right?

The thing with bodybuilding nutrition, is there is so much information given out by so many different people; And all these people have different view points, so you can get caught up not knowing what to do, and because of that, not building any muscle.

So I am going to give it to you simple.

What to Eat For Muscle Growth

When you workout at the gym, lifting weights, you are tearing up your muscle fibers, this is where 25% of the muscle building process happens. The other 75% of the muscle building process relies on your diet and nutrition.

So what should I eat for muscle growth?

There are several food categories that you need to focus on:

Complex Carbohydrates
Healthy Fats & Oils
Simple Sugars

Everybody knows when you’re looking to build muscle you need to consume healthy quantities of protein.

So what sorts of proteins are good?:

Cottage Cheese
Lean Red Meat
Milk (preferably low fat milk e.g. semi-skimmed, almond milk etc)
Peanut Butter

Also complex carbohydrates are a absolute must for muscle building. A lot of bodybuilders cut there carbs out completely but that’s only helpful if you’re looking to get lean and ripped and even then you shouldn’t cut them out completely because carbs are your brain food. So what sorts of complex carbohydrates are good?:

Whole Grains (e.g. Whole Grain Pasta, Whole Grain Rice)




Low-fat Yogurt

The biggest myth about fats is that “All fats are equal and equally bad for you”. Saturated fats and trans fats are the fats that you should avoid. These fats will raise your cholesterol and increase your risk for heart disease. Whereas monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are good for you. These fats lower your cholesterol and reduce you risk of heart disease. So what fats should you eat?:

Peanut butter

Olive oil

Sunflower Oil



Corn Oil





Simple sugar intake should be limited. If you consume too much sugar it will ultimately turn into fat and you don’t want that. What you want is a source of energy when you need it. So I recommend that you should only consume simple sugars either just before or just after your workout to give your body that extra boost before a workout or to replenish your energy after your workout. What simple sugars should you consume?:



Energy Drinks


If you get these balanced then you will build some hard muscle and look great. Okay, so I have shown what to eat for muscle growth. I hope you enjoyed it!